A platform build for a

new way of working

The all-in-one operating system to
develop agile and purpose-driven teams.

5 years of starting the business, we have experimented with various business administration and management tools and methods. We realized the problems were not only ours, but were many other startups’ too. We cannot figure out how to run a business effectively.



“We need a centralized, flexible, easy-to-operate and user-friendly management solution to set our business free.”

From practical experience, with the process of operating and optimizing our business to achieve the goal of "automation", eliminating lengthy and manual processes and unleashing the creativity and flexibility of the team, Friday OS was born.

One platform to manage work

Centralize all your work, processes, tools, and files into one Friday OS. Connect teams, bridge silos, and maintain one source of truth across your organization.

Intuitive, beautiful, and powerful

Everything starts with a visual board — the core of Friday OS. Tailor it your way and manage anything from projects to departments.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Create a seamless experience for you and your employees by connecting Friday OS to your SSO provider, favorite HRIS, and workflow apps. Have a specific tool in mind? Just ask. We move fast.

Everything you need
for any workflow

Easily build your ideal workflow with Friday OS building blocks.


Fri.HRM helps businesses establish a thorough and comprehensive process in human resource management.


Fri.WORK helps administrators and individuals in the organization manage and coordinate their work effectively.


Fri.OFFICE helps to digitize the entire business, towards a modern and professional electronic office model.


Fri.CRM helps improve the efficiency of all aspects of business operations.


All data which is built and stored within a system, is easy to look up and manage at any place with devices that can access the Internet.


It is easy to customize, optimize workflow and save time as well as human resources for production and business activities.


Modern working environment. Optimized interface and user experience, bringing a great experience to all users

Choose the plan that's right for you.
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  • For new businesses get started with Friday OS
  • Includes basic features of Fri.HRM, Fri.Office.



  • For businesses that leverage the Friday OS platform to optimize work and grow business.
  • Includes basic features of Fri.HRM, Fri.Office, Fri.Work.



  • Helping businesses optimize processes, automate work to improve work efficiency.
  • Includes basic and advanced features of Fri.HRM, Fri.Office, Fri.Work.

Friday Enterprise.

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For organizations that need centralized visibility, control, and support. Get Friday's powerful, intuitive work management platform with advanced admin features and security at scale.

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